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JUST RELEASED: Best Grip Type 1911 tungsten carbide tipped heavy duty screw-in studs for commercial vehicles and rubber tyred plant


Supatracks are the authorised UK distributor for Best-Grip screw-in studs.

Best-Grip screw-in studs (or sports nails) are a revolutionary method of studding almost any tyre*, track or footwear to provide greatly enhanced traction in slippery conditions such as on ice, snow, mud etc.

Best-Grip screw in ice studs, screw in boot studs - authorised UK distributor
Best-Grip screw in ice studs, screw in boot studs - authorised UK distributor

Our studs are frequently used in motorsport on 2 or 4 wheels and recently were utilized by BAC Mono on their 2017 winter trip to a frozen lake in Sweden. Naturally conditions were extremely slippery and keeping the super quick Monos on the planet let alone on the ice was a challenge. Best Grip studded tyres on all 4 corners however did the trick and transformed the traction and control of these powerful machine. Video link.



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Best-Grip screw in studs for all tyres and rubber tracks

Whether it is for work, play or competition Best-Grip have a stud to suit and you can both install the studs quickly and easily yourself and also vary the number and type of studs to suit the conditions. When conditions improve the studs can be equally swiftly removed to be reused as and when required.

Unlike clumsy snow chains or snow socks the installation of these lightweight screw-in studs evenly around the circumference of the tyres allows far higher speeds to be achieved and vibration is minimal. Re-balancing the tyres is therefore not generally necessary. As always speeds should be in line with prevailing conditions and the studs will have a lesser adhesion to hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac.


Call on 0141 611 5010 or email for Best-Grip details.

See below for help choosing your studs.


How to fit Best-Grip studs

Installation of Best-Grip screw-in studs can be done with a manual installation tool but for even modest quantities the ¼" hex drive installation tool fitted to a variable speed power tool is the way to go for fast and efficient fitment. A couple of turns at a slow speed setting is all that is required to secure the stud into the rubber surface.

The tyres can be new or used and do not have to be dismounted from the wheel for stud installation. Best-Grip studs are screwed into the tread with the screwed portion of the stud penetrating the tread but not the carcass of the tyre. Placement should be in a regular pattern around the circumference of the tyre with sufficient quantity of studs used to provide the traction required.

If driving on roads partially covered in snow or ice then studs should only be applied to the inner and outer shoulders of all the tyres to maintain direction on the tarmac.


NB: Installing studs onto tyres which are then used where the surface is hard such as tarmac or concrete REDUCES the coefficient of friction between the tyre and the road surface making steering, braking and traction LESS effective than normal. In the UK it is only permissible to use studs on public roads when they are covered in snow or ice.


Best-Grip studs can be also installed on mountain bikes, off-road motorcycles, enduro bikes, quads, agricultural tractors, construction equipment, aerial platforms, rubber tracked machines, snowmobiles and even on hiking and work boots.

*We do not recommend that Best-Grip screw-in studs are installed into soft competition tyres since these tend to crumble and the studs become loose and can be lost.

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Best-Grip ice studs for sale

Best-Grip ice studs for quadbike tyres

Best-Grip tyre studs - UK sales

Best-Grip tyre studs power installation tool


BEST-GRIP available stud types - view Best-Grip Studs Schedule

Please see the manufacturer's schedule of available stud types, click here to view the schedule (pdf file - opens schedule in new window) together with listings of typical applications.

Studs and tools are held in stock in Glasgow - Next day delivery available.

See below for help choosing your studs.


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Best-Grip tyre studs - UK sales

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How to buy Best Grip studs and installation tools online

Please select the items you would like to buy from the drop down lists below and click the Add to Basket button underneath your item. Once added to your basket, you be able to select the quantities you require.

See below for help choosing your studs.


Studs, kits and tools for shoes, boots and waders

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Best-Grip screw-in tungsten carbide tipped studs: 69p each

Buy 200 studs get an installation tool FREE. This will automatically be added when your order is shipped.

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Best-Grip extra heavy duty screw-in tungsten carbide tipped studs: 75p each

Buy 200 studs get an installation tool FREE. This will automatically be added when your order is shipped.

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Magnetic installation and removal tools: £5.50

For use in power tools. Tool type corresponds to chosen studs. E.g. Tool 4XXX is for Stud 1XXX.

FREE installation tool with every 200 studs ordered.

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Help Choosing your Screw-in Studs

The notes below will help you choose the tungsten tipped screw-in studs for your application or please see our Screw-in Stud Chooser chart (pdf).

  • You can install the studs into any type of tyre, new or used. (The exception is competition race/rally tyres where you have to make special arrangements).
  • The key thing to check is the amount of tread you have on the tyres. This can be measured simply using a matchstick or similar. To this measurement you add 2mm which is the rubber covering over the carcass of the tyre.
  • For example: if the depth of tread measurement is 10mm you have 12mm of material available.
  • Look at the attached schedule and select available studs to match this dimension or less.
  • The studs are screwed into the tread and you can choose how many studs you want to install depending on your circumstances.
  • If you are driving on a mixture of ice/snow and asphalt then a short/wide stud is best (see prominence and width figures). If you have continuous ice/snow then a longer stud is better.
  • If you have a mixture of conditions then plan to install two rows of studs on the inner and outer shoulders of each tyre. This gives a strip of rubber in the centre that gives better grip when on pure asphalt**
  • On a motorbike remember that when canting the bike for corners the studs on the shoulders will come into play and so you need to take care/go slower than normal on tarmac or asphalt surfaces.

  • If you have continuous ice/snow then you can stud the whole tyre to give the best grip. Of course you can easily add or remove studs as the conditions change.
  • **NB If you have fully studded tyres the grip and traction on ‘clean’ concrete or asphalt will be less than if you had fewer or no studs installed.

  • Plan to install the studs in an even but staggered manner around the tyre so that one stud does not follow the next in the direction of travel.
  • Count up the number of studs required. Studs should be installed on all 4 of the tyres even if the car is two wheel drive to provide directional stability. Install studs on both tyres on a bike.

If there any queries please let us know. You can order from the website or if you prefer by telephone on 0141 611 5010 where we can take you requirements and details. You can pay by BACS, credit or debit card or by cleared cheque.

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