Supatracks LiteGuard, flexible ATV quadbike light bar - UK sales

LiteGuard - the only ATV flexible light bar with hidden benefits available from official UK distributor SUPATRACKS.

LiteGuard ATV quad Light Bar - authorised UK distributor


LiteGuard is the worlds first ATV light bar with a unique flexible construction.


With mounted twin 18W LED lamps on either side of the LiteGuard the rider gets near shadow free illumination ahead.

By elevating the position of lights on an ATV, the light is not reflected back from long grasses and bushes as with normal ATV lighting, giving the driver greatly improved visibility and a safer ride as a result.




Lite Guard atv quad bike light bar




LITEGUARD - the only flexible ATV light bar

The LiteGuard is passive, flexible, yielding, instead of hard and rigid. The segmented construction is a new concept and has the ability to also deflect around a persons body, limbs or head-on impact.

It cannot collapse or flatten and will support the quad off the ground.


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LiteGuard ATV Light Bar



Fitting the LiteGuard ATV Light Bar

The LiteGuard simply clamps to the metal rear carrier and fits most makes and models.

Severe testing has proved that this method is highly effective, as its flexible character absorbs any impact and the carrier easily sustains the forces.

LiteGuard quadbike flexible light bar


Without LiteGuard ATV Light Bar

Vision without a LiteGuard light bar

With LiteGuard ATV Light Bar

  • Shadow free illumination
  • Better visibility
  • Safer ride
Vision with a LiteGuard light bar





Call 0141 611 5010 for more LiteGuard light bar details or email

Quadbike flexible bar with lights


Buy LiteGuard ATV Light Bar from Supatracks or from your local ATV dealer

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ATV LiteGuard - UK sales

LiteGuard ATV Light Bar - £695.00 now £595.00 including VAT and delivery


LITEGUARD ATV Light Bar - £695.00 now £595.00

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