Supatracks Rubber track conversion systems for 4x4 vehicles

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Just released

EZ Down Reloaded tailgate damper with additional self-closing function.
Hands free tailgate lowering, fingertip lift.

£160.00 inc UK delivery

Someday all pickups will be equipped like this.

Ask now for availability for your vehicle.



Casmo ATV R4S from Supatracks UK

CAMSO ATV R4S - £2700.00 plus VAT - see the CAMSO ATV R4S video on YouTube.




EZ Down

We now have newly released EZ Down kits
in stock for the 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup.





Camso UTV 4S1 track kits

Now available with new integrated rubber suspension.

Now available with new rubber suspension for 2019 model releases.




Track kits for all walk-behind cultivators

Track kits now available for all walk-behind cultivators

Reduces soil compaction
Gain traction in bad conditions
Stablise your machine for a much improved result
Complete kit installs in 30 minutes with simple tools
Easy steer, proven, LGP track and components

From £1200 + VAT




New EZDown kit for Navara NP300


Now available

£79.00 inc VAT and UK delivery




Winter's Coming

Get your boot studs and tyre studs
in plenty of time ready for the ice and snow.


Do it once, do it right.




Camso rubber horned track

If you've got one of these, you will need tracks for it.

Genuine Camso rubber horned tracks for Hagglunds BV206 now in stock. 0141 611 5010


Supatracks are authorised dealers for both Camso and LiteFoot track conversion systems, Mattracks track conversions, Best-Grip ice studs, EZDown tailgate dampers, EZUp hood lifts, together with the Motoairbag®, a wearable, inflatable safety vests designed for motorcycle / quad riders.

Based close to Glasgow Airport in the UK.

We can supply all types of 4x4 track conversions for ATV, 4x4 vehicles and agricultural machines and deliver throughout Europe including France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Italy all at very competitive prices.

Call on 0141 611 5010 or email for details.




ATV track conversions, 4x4 tracks
  • Easy to install and remove - less than 1 hour with simple hand tools
  • Economic - add ultimate off-road capability to your 'normal' ATV, UTV or 4x4
  • Low ground pressure - environmentally friendly with minimum impact
  • Proven - world renowned products
  • Durable - quality engineering, built to last
  • Versatile - All season capability in all conditions

Invictus M3 UR HD 3, track conversions for quads


Mattracks & Litefoot

All popular models of 4x4 vehicles catered for with additional adapters being added regularly. Available on a lease of up to 5 years for qualifying businesses.

No need to purchase a new vehicle - install on your existing 4x4 or ATV and enjoy the benefit straight away.

4x4 track conversions


Camso ATV T4S track conversions

Now with 2 year warranty Camso ATV T4S track conversions give a whole new horizon to your ATV or UTV experience.

Simple, robust and quick to fit. Available for most brands and models and easily moved from machine to machine.

Camso ATV T4S track conversions



EZDown tailgate dampers for sale from Supatracks

The safest way to lower a tailgate.

Supatracks are delighted to be able to supply the innovative EZDown tailgate damper that everyone is talking about.

more details...

EZDown tailgate dampers from Supatracks with UK delivery


EZUp hood lift kits for sale from Supatracks

The safest way to lift a hood.

Supatracks now sell the new EZUp hood lift to safely lift your car bonnet.

more details...

EZUp hood lifts from Supatracks with UK delivery


Best-Grip tyre studs - UK sales

Best-Grip screw-in studs

Supatracks are proud to be appointed the UK distributor for Best-Grip screw-in studs.

These revolutionary tungsten carbide tipped studs can be quickly and easily installed on new or used tyres, tracks or even footwear to provide traction in ice, snow, mud or other slippery conditions. A wide range provides the correct stud for every application. more...


New - Buy studs and tools online from Supatracks.



Mattracks EZ HD tracks

NEW - EZ HD now available

Payload 2500kg
13” / 330mm wide 38mm GP self-cleaning tread
Steel 2-part sprocket
Suits 4x4 pickups, SUV and Crossover vehicles
Minimal body work changes required for fitment

Standard and custom adapters available more...



Call Supatracks Limited on 0141 611 5010 or email for UK and Ireland sales of Mattracks, Litefoot and Camso track conversion systems.

All major credit cards accepted

All major credit cards accepted.

Finance available in conjunction with Omni Capital Retail Finance


European Sales

Supatracks sont autorisés pour les deux concessionnaires Mattracks et suivi des conversions LiteFoot, Camso systèmes de conversion de la voie et les goujons de glace Best-Grip et sont basés près de l'aéroport de Glasgow au Royaume-Uni.

Nous pouvons fournir tous les types de conversions piste 4x4 pour VTT, 4x4 véhicules et de machines agricoles et de livrer dans toute l'Europe à des prix très compétitifs.

Supatracks sind Händler für beide Mattracks und LiteFoot Conversions, Camso Spur Umwandlung Systemen und Best-Grip Eis Stollen zugelassen sind und in der Nähe von Glasgow Airport mit Sitz in Großbritannien.

Wir können alle Arten von 4x4 Conversions für ATV, 4x4 Fahrzeuge und landwirtschaftliche Maschinen und liefern in ganz Europa alle zu sehr wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen.

Supatracks zijn erkende dealers voor zowel Mattracks en LiteFoot conversies, Camso track conversie systemen en Best-Grip ijs studs en dicht op basis van Glasgow Airport in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.

Wij leveren alle soorten 4x4 conversies bijhouden voor ATV, 4x4 voertuigen en landbouwmachines en leveren in heel Europa alles tegen zeer concurrerende prijzen.

Supatracks ovat valtuutettuja jälleenmyyjiä sekä Mattracks ja LiteFoot seurata tuloksia, Camso seurata tehonmuuntojärjestelmien ja Best-Grip jää painonapit ja perustuvat lähellä Glasgow Isossa-Britanniassa.

Voimme toimittaa kaikenlaisia 4x4 seurata tuloksia ATV, 4x4 ajoneuvoja ja maatalouskoneet ja toimittaa koko Euroopassa kaikki erittäin kilpailukykyiseen hintaan.

Supatracks är återförsäljare för både Mattracks och LiteFoot omvandlingar spår, Camso skensystem omvandling och Best-Grip dubbar is och finns nära flygplatsen i Glasgow i Storbritannien.

Vi kan leverera alla typer av 4x4 spåra omvandlingar för ATV, 4x4 fordon och lantbruksmaskiner och leverera hela Europa till mycket konkurrenskraftiga priser.

Supatracks son los distribuidores autorizados, tanto para Mattracks y conversiones LiteFoot pista, Camso sistemas de conversión de la pista y tacos de agarre mejor el hielo y están establecidas en las cercanías del aeropuerto de Glasgow en el Reino Unido.

Podemos suministrar todo tipo de conversiones de la pista para ATV 4x4, 4x4 y vehículos de maquinaria agrícola y entregar toda Europa a precios muy competitivos.

Supatracks er autoriserede forhandlere for både Mattracks og LiteFoot spore konverteringer, Camso spor konvertering og Best-Grip is stutterier og er baseret tæt på Glasgow lufthavn i Storbritannien.

Vi kan levere alle typer af 4x4 spore konverteringer til ATV, 4x4 køretøjer og landbrugsmaskiner og leverer i hele Europa til meget konkurrencedygtige priser.

Supatracks er autoriserte forhandlere for både Mattracks og LiteFoot spore konverteringer, Camso spore konvertering systemer og Best-Grip is studs og er basert nær Glasgow Airport i Storbritannia.

Vi kan levere alle typer 4x4 spore konverteringer for ATV, 4x4 biler og landbruksmaskiner og leverer over hele Europa hele til meget konkurransedyktige priser.

Supatracks sono rivenditori autorizzati sia per Mattracks e conversioni pista Litefoot, Camso sistemi di conversione e borchie pista di ghiaccio Best-Grip e si basano vicino all'aeroporto di Glasgow nel Regno Unito.

Possiamo fornire tutti i tipi di conversioni pista per ATV 4x4, 4x4, veicoli e macchine agricole e da consegnare in tutta Europa il tutto a prezzi molto competitivi.


Supatracks Limited Terms & Conditions (pdf file).